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April 7, 2010

Business Valuation
How do you know what your company is worth? Why does it matter?


The owners of a family business wanted help preparing for retirement and possible sale of their company. They particularly needed to know what they might do to improve the value of the business. I identified certain items with high impact on value - some not obvious to the owners, given their close involvement and attachment. Putting this information to work, they are well on their way to enhancing the business’ worth and their prospects for a comfortable retirement.

The partners in another company received an unexpected overture to acquire the business. Understandably, this raised some serious issues. They didn't know what would be a reasonable price, nor if the proposers could actually raise the required funds. I helped the partners evaluate the worth of their business. Then, and more importantly, I met with the potential purchasers to determine their price expectations, and whether they had the capacity to deliver. They did not. There were, however, areas where the two parties could collaborate, and I helped them begin working together for their mutual benefit on a much more realistic basis.

Valuation touches multiple areas and it is critical that it be done well and by a professional. If you could use help assessing value, whether for a product line, a division, or a company, take a look at Bise Business Advisory. I have experience, objectivity and certification. And, when it really counts, you need a pro.


John Bise
Accredited Valuation Analyst