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August 23, 2011

"Oh No, Not Again!" ... Lessons From a Heroic POW


Louie Zamperini was a heroic survivor.  He

  • nursed an aircraft over five hours back to base despite severed control cables, loss of rudder and 594 bullet holes from a Zero attack,
  • heard spinning bombs during a blistering raid that left one crater 35 feet deep and 60 across,
  • escaped the sinking bomber fuselage after crashing into the Pacific,
  • adrift in a raft for 47 days and 2,000 miles withstood hunger, persistent shark attacks, strafing and typhoon,
  • endured deprivation, dysentery and unspeakable prison tortures, including gleeful beating by a sadistic captor, emerging worn, but intact.

Recently I saw a headline, “Oh No, Not Again!” referencing bad economic news and corresponding double dip fears. The exclamation echoed Louie’s as he braced for a beating.  As I have reflected on Louie’s survival and ultimate triumph, I see instructive attributes:

  • Hope. Louis and friends looked to a future hard to envision.
  • Discipline. Even when rote, doing the necessaries pays off.
  • Incrementalism. Take small bites.
  • Seize small triumphs and gain strength.
  • Faith. We can’t control the storm, but we serve a god who does and He will sustain us.

 "He conquers who endures." Persius (34 AD – 62 AD)

As the Brits say, “Soldier on!”  If I can help with turnaround, business valuation or other project services, give me a call.


John R. Bise
Accredited Valuation Analyst


P.S.  Louie’s story is told in riveting fashion by Laura Hillenbrand in Unbroken. I highly recommend the read.