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June 30, 2010

Expert Witness and Litigation Support
In complex cases requiring expert financial analysis, I can help.


A frustrated creditor hired me to consult in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The debtor, protected by stay, was dissipating the estate. With the sanction of the court, I examined the debtor’s key personnel and records. My analysis showed that the debtor’s financial projections, which underpinned the court’s stay, were baseless and unachievable. The court lifted the stay, preserving assets for the satisfaction of debts and the relief of the creditor.

I work as a consulting or testifying expert by assessing the merits of client positions, formulating discovery requests, analyzing discovery production, financial data or damage information, preparing or assisting in depositions, and helping in settlement negotiations.

Some notable cases as a consulting or testifying expert:

In Re: WorldCom Securities (Southern District of New York). I testified in deposition as an expert called by plaintiffs to rebut a defense expert (particulars are subject to a Federal protective order). The cover story to the Litigation supplement of The American Lawyer characterized the opinion in the case as the “first serious analysis of the due diligence defense in 40 – 50 years, so it’s got everyone’s attention.” Settlements in the case exceeded $6 billion.

In Re: Williams Communications Securities (Northern District of Oklahoma). I analyzed financial data, assisted in depositions, and assisted in development and drafting of an expert opinion.

In Re: American Lime & Dolomite (U.S. Bankruptcy Court Northern District of Florida). I testified on behalf of one of the creditors, demonstrating the unfeasibility of a proposed plan of reorganization. The debtor’s plan was not confirmed and stay was lifted by the court.

In a matter between unnamed parties, fictitiously “ABC Hedge Fund” and “XYZ Debtor,” I exercised ABC’s inspection rights and advised on the viability of receivership. This work aided in a negotiated settlement at an amount substantially more valuable to my client.

I have worked in a range of jurisdictions – Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, Oklahoma, New Hampshire and New York – and on a variety of cases – securities, bankruptcy, damages, marital dissolution, among others. Click for a more complete summary of cases.

My record shows me to be a cogent, reliable and credible expert. Should you have a case requiring independent financial or valuation expertise, I will be happy to discuss the matter with you.



John Bise
Accredited Valuation Analyst