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May 6, 2010

Interim Management
When the one who ran the business is suddenly gone, what do you do?

When you have one chance to turn around your business, where do you turn for help?


A surprised man came to work one morning to find he was now the boss of two operating businesses. An entrepreneurial relative had died suddenly, leaving him in charge. Though he had full-time obligations of his own, he had to manage the two companies and the estate and he was responsible to the probate court and heirs. Plus, he had to work without reliable information; the deceased owner didn’t delegate well, and his records were poor and outdated. The man was overwhelmed. I stepped in to act as an overseer on behalf of the estate, coaching an employee in managerial tasks, implementing administrative discipline and coordinating with counsel and CPAs. The personal representative (executor) was able to maintain focus on his other interests. After several months of bringing order to an unsettled situation, I was able to gradually reduce my involvement as the companies became more capable and as assets were sold.

Another example: a new CEO needed to reorganize his company around product lines while also making the case for vital new equity funding. Plus, he had a number of new initiatives he wanted to tackle. My job was to guide these critical processes. Time was short. I joined the organization for two months and together, we not only restructured, but also were able to focus the company on just those new efforts that could be achieved with the resources at hand. With this accomplished, I coached the CEO in drafting a business plan that garnered new funding.

At times we all face circumstances that exceed our experience or physical capacities. This is also true in business. If your organization is facing such a situation, give me a call. Frequently I can supplement your team, allowing you and your key folks to remain on task while I resolve the logjam and then step away. I can give you experienced, focused and professional attention at a variable cost. You can seize opportunities before they evaporate.

Take a look at Bise Business Advisory. I have experience, objectivity and the ability to act quickly.

Thanks for your consideration,

John Bise
Accredited Valuation Analyst