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May 5, 2011

Storm Aftermath: Business Interruption Claims


As clean up from recent devastating storms continues and businesses return to normal operation you are likely seeing a number of clients that have experienced significant interruptions. Some have business interruption insurance; others will have to cross the cash gap unassisted.

Claims can be challenging for those who have business interruption coverage.  A retired commercial insurance agent told me that such claims are the most difficult of all to document and settle.  The insurance carriers employ experts to assess claims. I urge you to counsel your clients to engage someone to assist them in properly assessing their losses and documenting their claims. In light of the “downdraft” of the past two years it will be critical to have solid analysis. That is key to justifying the full amount due claimants.

My experience in financial modeling and in expert testimony fit well with this analysis.  I also have an experienced commercial business interruption specialist available to collaborate in these efforts.  Frequently the cost of such assistance is a covered element of claim presentation and is paid by the insurance company.

I appreciate your consideration for assignments of this type.


John R. Bise
Accredited Valuation Analyst